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1S1D Store


Terms of Service

By buying Our Products You automatically agree to the following Terms of Service:

i. The buyer has read the product description and warranty terms and has agreed to them.

ii. The buyer agrees that all sales are 100% final & hence no refunds will be given, unless the store owner decides.

iii. The buyer agrees that The seller will never ask for the buyer to open a dispute in PayPal.

iv. The buyer agrees that if "he received a faulty product, or no product" he will contact us via Our Telegram, always or Store Contact, or our on site chat and we will send you Replacements or fix the issues.

  • a But all sales are final. & Hence no refunds will be asked.
  • b The max response time will be 24 Working hours. "If we are off due to some event stated on our telegram, that wont count."
  • c Note: Telegram Link will be given on Main page.

v. The buyer agrees not to charge-back under any circumstances, which Includes: - a. Unauthorized Transactions. - b. Faulty Product or No products received.

vi. The Buyer agrees that warranty will be given as per our warranty policy stated below.

Warranty Policy:

  • a. If a product is outta stock, Warranty will be on hold.
  • b. If a product has limited warranty lives, warranty will be over upon reaching those replacements counts.
  • c. If a product has limited time warranty, Warranty will not be claimable after that specified period.
  • d. If a product has lifetime warranty, and that product is discontinued by the official site, warranty will be voided.
  • e. If a product has lifetime / limited warranty and that product is patched, the warranty will be on hold for the time being.
  • f. If a product has many variants, Product A.a & Product A.b, the warranty for Product A.a will only cover Product.A.a, & hence no replacements with Product A.b will be asked.
  • g. If a buyer is claiming sus claims on warranty, we reserver the right to make his warranty on hold or completely void it.
  • h. For claiming warranty on the product the buyer must provide valid proof & will wait the required hours stated above.
  • i. If a product has a limited time of warranty, and during that time the product is outta stock, the warranty will still count. & upon that time expiriation the warranty will be expired same wise.

vii. The buyer agrees that our sales are Final but due to some exclusive cases, refunds will be as per our Refund Policy,

Refund Policy:

  • a. If in case of faulty product, if the invoice id 5 days old or less and we failed to provide a working replacement for that product, we will refund your $$.
  • b. Any invoice older than 5 days is not applicable to refunds.
  • c. If u bought a product and recived 1x working replacement, now even if the invoice is not older than 5 days like stated above, a refund will not applicable.
  • d. PayPal G&S refunds will be done with PayPal, within 48 Working Hours.
  • e. PayPal F&F refunds will be proccessed with Store balance.
  • f. Crypto Refunds will be proccessed with Store balance.

viii. We reserve the right to update our TOS.


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