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Terms of Service

By buying Our Products You automatically agree to the following Terms of Service:

i. The seller will never ask for the buyer to open a dispute in PayPal.

ii. The buyer agrees not to charge-back under any circumstances, which Includes: a. Unauthorized Transactions. b. Faulty Product or No products received..

iii. In case "You received a faulty product, or no product" You will contact us via Our Telegram, always or Store Contact, and we will send you Replacements or fix the issues. but all sales are final. & Hence no refunds will be asked.

Note: Telegram Link will be given on Main page.

iv. Replacements will be given as per the warranty note mentioned in the Product. So please read the product info carefully.

v. Warranty Will be given as per the warranty Note. **for Detailed warranty please click on the Shield Like Icon in the Left of "Purchase" in the product info. **

vi. We are not responsible of what you do with the product sold.

vi. You agree, to not change any thing or edit internal info of the products.

vii. If we suspect some odd behavior with accounts. we reserve the right to make the warranty on hold. or limit the replacements offered per month.


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