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How to get Products After Payment ?

i. Please check your email (inbox/spam/junk) for mails from Sellpass. ii. Check if you got one with "Order Completed" iii. Open it, And click on "Get the Product" iv. It will take u to a webpage with your Product (Product Issued)

I bought Windows / Office keys & i didnt got them in my Email, -

i. Windows & Office Keys (Win 10 / 11 Pro 1 PC Excluding) are manually delivered. ii. After Buying, Please message us on telegram @sup1s1d or the Blue Chat icon on our website. iii. Provide us your order id. iv. Wait for us to get you your product v. The process can take up to 24 working hours

What is Lifetime Warranty ?

Lifetime warranty means: - If your product goes bad or loses sub. we will be fixing it. - As long as we have it in stock & run it.

What to do if the Provided Credentials doesnt work ?

- If your logins are bad out of the box or after a time: i. Contact us via our telegram bot @sup1s1d_bot' or using the Blue Chat icon on our site ii. Then provide us with the following, - Please let me know Order id for you product. (Copy it) - state your issue (Like bad pass or no sub), - Take a screen shot of that issues and send it. iii.. Next wait for us to response, reply time can be max 24 working hours

I contacted store support but got no response ?

i. Make sure you contact us via our telegram bot @sup1s1d_bot or our blue chat icon on site. ii. See, if its over 24 working hours or not. iii. Check if its not an off working day. iv. Check announcements, if there a special off working days announcements. v. If followed all the above steps & still nothing. Msg us Here:

What PayPal F&F | PayPal vs PayPal F&F

i. PayPal F&F is similar to normal PayPal Transactions (also known as PayPal G&S) ii. in PayPal F&F You will be covering the Transaction Fee unlike PayPal G&S which are covered by us. iii. PayPal F&F don't give us Buyer's protection iv. PayPal F&F is only available in specific countries v. So which one should u choose ? - If u have PayPal F&F & want to support us on fees, we will prefer it.

I paid for a product but have not got any email ?

i. Check your inbox / spam / junk. for mails from Sellpass. If nothing. follow the steps below. ii. If paid via Crypto: - Let us know Your Email - Let us know your Transaction ID iii. If Paid via PayPal F&F: - Check the payment u made was PayPal F&F & not G&S. - Send us your PayPal Email. - Transaction ID of PayPal Transaction - Screen shot of that Transactionn iv: If Paid via PayPal: - Send us your PayPal Email. - Transaction ID of PayPal Transaction - Screen shot of that Transactionn

What is our Working Hours ?

Days: Monday - Saturday Hours: 9:00 - 22:00 Timezone: GMT +6


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